New enhancements for legislation on Westlaw UK

Legislation Overview Enhancements:

Westlaw UK have merged the General Materials section with the Overview Document. With all the information in one place it’s now much easier to review  an Act or SI. Several new links have been added to give you access to even more relevant information:

  • ALL LEGISLATION CITING: provides details and links to every piece of legislation that cites and makes amendments to the Act or SI that you are interested in. View the content: by provision (chronological order), type of amendment (textual or non-textual, ordered by section) or by modification.
  • JOURNAL ARTICLES CITING: lists and links to all the journal articles that have been written about or referenced the Act or SI that you’re looking at.

Annotated Statutes Enhancements:

In addition to ‘Annotations for the Law in Force’, you can also view Annotations for ‘Law in Force’ versions, ‘Future’ versions and ‘Post-2007 superseded or repealed’ versions. Annotations will also be available for several significant pre-2007 versions selected by the editors.

Elaine Shallcross

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