Permanent links to sources in HeinOnline save time and effort

HeinOnline has created permanent links to its libraries, individual titles, and even to pages in documents to help make research and referencing more efficient.

Creating a link to a library



  1. Go to the HeinOnline Welcome Screen and right-click on the collection from the list of subscribed libraries.
  2. Depending on the web browser you use, choose one of the following options:

    Copy Link Location in Firefox
    Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer
    Copy Link Address in Chrome
    Copy Link in Safari

  3. Paste the link accordingly.

Creating a link to a title



It’s possible to obtain a URL from several different places but, from any of the following locations, simply right-click on the title and choose the appropriate link copying tool for your web browser (as outlined above):

  1. Do a Catalog Search for particular journal, e.g. Yale Law Journal, and right-click on the title from the result to obtain the link.
  2. Browse the alphabetical list of titles available from any collection’s homepage, and right-click on the title to obtain the link.
  3. If you already have the title open, right-click on the title name from the navigation trail.

Creating a link to a specific page



  1. To obtain a permalink for a specific page use the Permalink button located in the toolbar above an open document. 
  2. A box will open from which you can copy and paste the full URL.
  3. NOTE: it is possible to do this for any page in HeinOnline.

Elaine Shallcross

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