In the news –a case to watch: Minimum Unit Price for Alcohol

The latest post on EDC Information may be of interest to those studying law…

EU Official Publications Information

Booze In 2012 the Scottish Government passed legislation to introduce minimum pricing unit pricing for alcohol as part of its strategy to reduce alcohol consumption and the harm associated with over consumption. The minimum unit price was set at 50p

The Scotch Whisky Association challenged the legality of this under EU Law. (The Scotch Whisky Association v Lord Advocate 2013 S.L.T. 776). This legal bid was rejected. However, this decision has been appealed. The Court of Session made a request for a preliminary ruling from the European Court of Justice in July last year. The European Court of Justice began taking evidence from the Scottish Government on the 6th of May and a preliminary ruling on the legality of minimum unit pricing under EU Law is expected later this year. The case will then be referred back to the Court of Session for a final ruling.

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