Law student one of this year’s Quincentenary Prize winners


(L-R) Buba Bojang, Magdalena Blanz, Cllr Jenny Laing, Clare Lowe, Prof Jeremy Kilburn and Paul Roden | Image: Norman Adams-Aberdeen City Council

Buba Bojang, a PhD student in Law, is one of four students who have been presented with the Quincentenary Prize this year. The Prize is an annual award established to mark the University’s 500th anniversary. To become eligible for the Prize, students are nominated by their Heads of School.

Buba was awarded the prize in recognition of his work as president of the Law School’s Legal Research Society (LRS). During his presidency the LRS has been transformed from a “situation of dormancy to a vibrant and active society” as Irène Couzigou, a lecturer in the Law School explained.

Taylor Library staff would like to congratulate Buba and wish him the very best of luck in his professional career.

And of course, congratulations go also to the other prizewinners: Clare Lowe and Paul Roden – both Dentistry students, and Magdalena Blanz, who studies Chemistry.

Read more about the prizewinners here.

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