Search the European Commission libraries catalogue with Find-eR

EU Official Publications Information

European_Commission_Central_LibraryThe European Commission Central Library in Brussels © JLogan. Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons. See Licensing section on this page.

The European Commission library has recently launched a new tool called Find-eR. Both user-friendly and quick Find-eR replaces ECLAS, the European Commission libraries catalogue.

The European Commission Library is a primary source of information on EU policies, history and integration. Although mainly used by staff working in EU institutions, university students and researchers can use it too. Both the library’s print and online material are catalogued.

Find-eR is primarily of use to university users as a way to identify useful sources, however, some of the online publications are freely available.  In addition, in some instances, it may be possible to borrow print material as an inter-library loan through the European Documentation Centre in Taylor Library.

It is also possible to request access to the…

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