Legal Gateways: Eagle-i

Subject Gateways
Subject gateways or portals are searchable collections of quality material on specific subject areas. Unlike search engines, subject gateways contain resources that are selected and maintained by subject specialists.

There are a number of legal gateways that you can use to find information relevant to your subject of research. The resources in them will have been evaluated and compiled by law librarians and lawyers. Today we will tell you about Eagle-i.

Important note
Legal gateways are much better than using Google or other search engines but they shouldn’t substitute the role of databases. For UK case law and legislation always use Westlaw UK and Lexis®Library. Both provide you with fully consolidated legislation and the most up to date status of cases. You cannot rely on freely available websites to provide you with the current status of a case or piece of legislation!

Developed by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Eagle-i is a free portal to high quality legal web sources. The collection can be searched using a simple search platform which helps you find sites relevant to your search terms.

Searches can be filtered by a range of resource types. These include primary and secondary legal materials such as: legislation, law reports, treaties, government sites, journals, professional organisations, resource guides, and social media.

Searches can also be focused on sites concerned with a particular country or jurisdiction, by clicking on the drop down arrow of the relevant search box.

Coverage includes: UK, European, Foreign, Comparative and International law.
Remember to always check the information you find against your own criteria!

For more information, click here.

Good hunting!

Eleni Borompoka
Taylor Library & EDC
01224 272601



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