Legal Gateways: AccessToLaw

Next in our series of legal gateways – AccessToLaw.

AccessToLaw provides annotated links to selected UK, Commonwealth and worldwide legal websites. Over 1300 sites are currently included. The main focus is on legislation, case reports, treaties and related materials.

Information on AccessToLaw is categorized by jurisdiction/country and by subject area, e.g. Air and Space, Constitutional Law, Freedom of Information.

New sites are added regularly, and existing site entries are checked and updated every three months by staff at the Inner Temple Library in London.

AccessToLaw is accessible through the Library’s Subject Resources page at Select Law, then Useful Web Resources and finally Legal Gateways and Portals.

Important note
Legal gateways are much better than using Google or other search engines but they shouldn’t substitute the role of databases. For UK case law and legislation always use Westlaw UK and Lexis®Library. Both provide you with fully consolidated legislation and the most up to date status of cases. You cannot rely on freely available websites to provide you with the current status of a case or piece of legislation!

Remember to always check the information you find against your own criteria!
If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Eleni Borompoka
Taylor Library & EDC
01224 272601


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