Regulations for the LAW LIBRARY of the University of Aberdeen (1894)

Old Kings College

A few years ago we conducted some research and wrote a short history of the Taylor Library. The original intention was to continue the research to find out more about the development of the collection on the site. One might think in the summer, when the library is quieter, research like this could be more easily carried out. That is partly true but there were always other projects in the last few years which prevented us from continuing our research.

Although this summer is not better than the previous ones in this respect, we could still make a start. During the last visit to the Special Collections, we have made a few discoveries. One of them was the Regulations of the Law Library of the University of Aberdeen which dates back to 1894. This could be one of the oldest regulations relating to the site, and it gives you a few lovely surprises if you try to compare the old regulations to the current ones.

This post will not undertake to give you an overall picture of the life of the Taylor Library in the late 19th century. Nor will it introduce the collection at the time. This is just a snapshot of life in the Library in light of rules that staff and students had to abide by.





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  1. The Law Library will be open, for consultation, during the Winter Session every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (except for two weeks during the Christmas Vacation) from 7 to 9 P.M.; and during every alternate Summer Session (when there is a course on Roman Law) every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7 to 9P.M.
  2. Books shall not be lent out while the Law Classes are in Session, but shall be retained in the Library for consultation only. When no Law Classes are in Session, books (except as mentioned in Rule 7) may be borrowed, in the General University Library, during the hours when it is open, by matriculated Law Students of the University, or by one having a specific written mandate from the Dean of the Faculty of Law for the delivery of some particular book or books to be given out.
  3. No person other than those referred to in Rule 2 shall be entitled to the use of the Library, either directly or indirectly.
  4. All books borrowed from the Law Library shall be returned by the person in whose name they are given out, direct to the University Librarian or his Assistant.
  5. No person shall be entitled to borrow more than two volumes at one time.
  6. After a book has been out for fourteen days the borrower shall be liable to be called on to return the same, and if the book is not returned after seven days the borrower shall be liable to be fined according to the rules of the General Library of the University. All borrowed books must be returned on the Wednesday before the Law Classes commence.
  7. The Dictionaries, Digests of Decisions, Reports of Cases, the Statutes, and unbound parts of Law Books, shall not be given out, but shall be kept for consultation only.
  8. No book shall be given out to any person until he has returned any other book or books which he may previously have been called on to return.

Taylor Library Team






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