Edinburgh International Book Festival

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Charlotte Square during the Edinburgh International Book Festival

This is an excellent opportunity to get a break from your studies. For those of you who are finishing your postgraduate courses during the summer and being busy with dissertations and deadlines, there is a chance to relax and enjoy life, while still staying intellectually focused.

If you visit Edinburgh between 13 – 29 August, you can celebrate the power of words at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with thousands of other festival goers. Nick Barley (the  Director of the Festival) explains that “the theme of this year’s Festival is ‘Project No Fear’. It’s about encouraging and celebrating the sort of courageous, positive, creative thinking that we desperately need in order to make the world a better place for everyone, rather than just for a privileged few.”

The Festival offers events for both adults and children. Please browse the themes of the programme here, there is really plenty to listen to, look at and read. Let’s finish this post with Fiona Hyslop’s words, who is Cabinet Secretary  for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs at the Scottish Government:  “Since 1983, the Edinburgh International Book Festival has been bringing together some of the world’s finest authors and the best of contemporary Scottish talent. This year’s programme is sure to capture and excite audiences.”

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