Design enhancements on Lexis®Library

lexisnexisLexis®Library are delighted to announce some new design

The navigation bar takes up less space now, making more of the reading page visible. Enhancements to the navigation bar include:

  • the Practice Area tab becoming part of the Global Header
  • the Search tab and Sources tab being merged to become part of the Global Header
  • My Alerts and History sitting under User Profile
  • A new My Settings page, Contact Us and Feedback page
  • My settings, Contact Us, HELP, What’s new and Project ID all sitting under the User Profile dropdown.

Find updated guides and videos from LexisNexis here. Students needing help with using this resource are always welcome to come and see us at the Taylor Library!

Note: The above enhancements were based on detailed feedback. On the 19th of September LexisNexis will be launching an advertising campaign in The Lawyer, Legal Week and The Times to offer legal professionals the opportunity to share their insights and feedback. To participate, click here


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