Taylor Library Heavy Demand drop-box


The Taylor Library self return machine

As exams approach and the Library gets busier we’d like to remind students of the Heavy Demand drop-box, in to which you can return any Taylor Heavy Demand items you have prior to our opening at 9am. The box is placed outside the Taylor Library entrance at around 7:30am every weekday. This is to give you as much opportunity to return HD items before the 10:30am due time as possible. Late Heavy Demand items will accrue an immediate fine of 75p. After one hour this will increase by a further 75p, and will continue to do so for each subsequent hour the item is late. Nobody wants the added stress of library fines at this or any time of year. Help us help you avoid them by making use of the drop-box!

Best of luck with the exams and keep your money for the pub when they’re finished!


Tip of the Day: Reserve a Heavy Demand book through Primo

Primo is a resource discovery tool which searches across all library, archival and museum collections, including online resources and databases. It is web-based and has many useful features that allow you to organise your study needs
from wherever you are working. One of them is the booking facility for
Heavy Demand items.

But how can you reserve books from Heavy Demand collections?

  • Log in to Primo. You can do this at the start of your search session or later,
    when Primo asks you to Login to view request options.
  • When you find the book that you need, click on the Availability tab. (If you see Multiple versions found click on View X versions on the right of the screen.)
    Clicking on the Availability tab for the version that interests you, gives you the number of copies for that title/edition.
  • If you are already logged in, click on the Heavy Demand Booking link and select Day-Month-Year. Click on the default time slot (10:30 – 10:30) and finish the transaction by hitting the orange Request button.

Reserving HD books2

Important detail: When you are presented with the number of copies available, before
you proceed to reserve your book, click on one of the copies. This will show you the type
of Heavy Demand loan you are looking at. If the record says: HD 3hr Ref Bookable instead
of Heavy Demand, it means you are looking at a reference copy which cannot be borrowed overnight but only up to three hours, in the library.


You can make bookings up to three weeks in advance. Collect your booked
items between 10:30 and 15:30 from the Taylor Library Issue Desk.

Enjoy using this feature of Primo!

Taylor Library Team