Westlaw goes mobile

Westlaw has launched an app, WestlawNext Mobile, that is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and Kindle Fire operating systems. There is also an app for the iPad. Wherever you access WestlawNext your research is fully synchronised.

The app supports searches across all core content using simple descriptions or Boolean terms and connectors. You can check the status of the law using KeyCite, access and add documents to folders, read and email documents and add notes to documents.

For more information see: http://store.westlaw.com/westlawnext/mobile-ipad/mobile/default.aspx

Elaine Shallcross

HeinOnline is ‘appening

You can access the world’s largest image-based legal research database, HeinOnline, on your iPhone and iPad.  Browse by volume, use advanced search or an electronic table of contents to find materials, and you can even view and download contents as PDF files. 

A user guide and further information about the Heinonline app is available. Visit the App Store to download the app to your mobile device.

Lexis®Library goes mobile

LexisNexis apps for the iphone are available for download from the Apple Store. They are called On the Case and Legal Terms.

Here is a little bit of info about each app provided by LexisNexis:

  • Legal Terms Legal Terms provides Lexis®Library subscribers with on-the-go access to key points of law.  Covering a wide range of legal topics, you can find the meaning of a legal term, the legislation where that term was defined and read the key cases about that definition. It also provides links to related terms. 
  • On the CaseOn the Case provides Lexis®Library subscribers on-the-go access to a wide range of case law. On the Case allows customers to search for cases by name, citation or key word, displaying results along with key words and a summary. To guide you towards good law, each case is given a status signal indicating its treatment by the courts.

To use the apps, you will need to register for an ID and password. This can be done either via the ‘On the Case’ app itself or on the registration website at http://lexislibrarymobileapps.co.uk/. The same ID and password works for both apps and can be stored on the phone so you only have to remember it once.

If you would like to know more please contact Elaine Shallcross.