Tip of the Day: Essential route to accessing some legal databases off campus. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

For those of you who will be leaving us for the summer…
Some useful information regarding working from home! 

If you plan to access important databases when you are working from home over
the summer it is important you use specific routes into them. No matter where you
are working, or what database you are searching, access must be through Primo.

Most databases require a login using your University computer username and password, (Library staff refer to this as Shibboleth Authentication) but a few
important databases do not have this service set up. These databases are:

  • KluwerArbitration
  • OGEL
  • OECD iLibrary

When on the campus network, access to these databases is trouble-free;  you link through without a problem. However, when you are working off campus you must
use Primo on the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). The VDI accesses the University’s classroom PC desktop via your web browser and, in turn, provides secure access to resources we pay for.

It is also possible to use MS Office programmes through the VDI.  Open the Common Applications folder or go to Start > All Programmes, to launch this software.

Please note: It is not necessary to access databases requiring a login (such as Westlaw and LexisLibrary) through the VDI.

To access the VDI:

  1. go to: vdi.abdn.ac.uk, then enter your University username and password
    in the vmware Horizon page
  2. click on the PC monitor icon for Electronic Resources
  3. open the Library Resources folder, then go to Primo to search for and link
    out to the databases mentioned earlier.

For the Library guide to using OGEL, click here.

 Taylor Library Team 


KluwerArbitration.com now available

We are delighted to report that we now subscribe to a leading online resource for international arbitration research. KluwerArbitration contains a wealth of commentary from experts and an extensive collection of primary source materials.

You will have access to an exclusive collection of arbitration related material, including:

  • Nearly 1700 BITs in full text, with signature and entry into force dates.
  • Over 5,400 court decisions and 1,800 arbitral awards.
  • Kluwer Law International arbitration catalogue including books and journals
  • Over 600 laws for key jurisdictions
  • Latest news from the Institute of Transnational Arbitration (ITA) Reporters
  • Rules for over 400 major institutions

KluwerArbitration can be accessed via http://www.kluwerarbitration.com.

Access is by IP authentication which means that computers off-campus, and laptops working on the campus network, will need to have web browsers configured to include the University’s proxy web address. Details on how to do this are available at www.abdn.ac.uk/proxy. Any problems setting this up should be reported to the IT Service Desk (01224-273636; email servicedesk@abdn.ac.uk).

Elaine Shallcross

Trial: Kluwerarbitration

A week long trial of the journal Kluwerarbitration has begun. It can be accessed at http://www.kluwerarbitration.com.

For access from home or on a laptop on the University network you will need to add the University’s web proxy address to the web browser on your computer. Instructions on how to do this are available at http://www.abdn.ac.uk/proxy.

Elaine Shallcross