Tips for new postgraduate law students

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Are you a new postgraduate law student at the University of Aberdeen?  Do you have assignments to submit?

Here are some practical advice before submission:

Good luck with your assignments.

Taylor Library Team


Law databases

Are you searching for dissertation topics? Or,  just need some legal resources? Before you begin your research and get lost in the rising sea of information, let us help you with a few useful links.

Check out what the law electronic databases can offer to you. These are excellent tools, and no matter what stage your studies are at, you can rely on them.
Please, find the mainstream legal databases and their training materials here:

Westlaw UK Westlaw logo

Westlaw International

Lexis®LibraryLexisNexis logo

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Taylor Library Team

Access to Lexis Library

We are currently experiencing difficulty accessing Lexis Library through Primo. Lexis Library are looking into the problem.

In the meantime the database can still be accessed in the following way:

  1. Click on the link below:
  2. Select University of Aberdeen from the list.
  3. You may be asked to provide your university username and password.

We will make a further announcement once we hear more from Lexis Library. We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing.


Design enhancements on Lexis®Library

lexisnexisLexis®Library are delighted to announce some new design

The navigation bar takes up less space now, making more of the reading page visible. Enhancements to the navigation bar include:

  • the Practice Area tab becoming part of the Global Header
  • the Search tab and Sources tab being merged to become part of the Global Header
  • My Alerts and History sitting under User Profile
  • A new My Settings page, Contact Us and Feedback page
  • My settings, Contact Us, HELP, What’s new and Project ID all sitting under the User Profile dropdown.

Find updated guides and videos from LexisNexis here. Students needing help with using this resource are always welcome to come and see us at the Taylor Library!

Note: The above enhancements were based on detailed feedback. On the 19th of September LexisNexis will be launching an advertising campaign in The Lawyer, Legal Week and The Times to offer legal professionals the opportunity to share their insights and feedback. To participate, click here


Maintenance: Lexis Library on Sunday 24 April

We have been advised that Lexis Library will be unavailable LexisNexis logo
between 02:00 am and approximately 10:00 am on Sunday 24 April, 2016 for maintenance.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Elaine Shallcross

Tip of the Day: Lexis®Library revamped

LexisNexis logo

One of the most important legal databases, Lexis®Library has recently undergone a major redesign. LexisNexis, the database provider introduced changes at the end of 2015.

With the new service enhancement, Lexis®Library has a clearer display, a more sophisticated Home Page and more intuitive search facilities. The users have the option to search across ALL subscribed legal content, including Lexis®Library and LexisPSL.

The new Academic User Guide, provided by LexisNexis could help you learn more about
the changes.
To find out more about the database, please read our updated library guides:

Staff at the Help Desk in the Taylor Library are happy to provide further assistance.

Zita Szabo
Information Assistant



LexisNexis announces upgrade to Lexis®Library

LexisNexis logoSubject to a successful release, a number of ‘cosmetic’ changes to Lexis®Library take effect on
Saturday 5th December.

LexisNexis have reported the following improvements to Lexis®Library:

  • A more intuitive search experience.The Explore search box moves to the heart of the homepage and includes content filters.
  • A tidier, bigger, better display of results. Single results list opens up the page, with filtering in one place and the option to deliver multiple documents.
  • The option to search across ALL subscribed UK legal content. In one place for the first time, including both Lexis®Library and LexisPSL content included in the search results.
  • Glossary searches move to the home page. Get quick access to over 3,300 legal terms.”

Please see the new Academic User Guide for updated product guidance.

Staff at the Help Desk in the Taylor Library are happy to help with any questions regarding the changes to Lexis®Library.

Elaine Shallcross
Information Consultant, Law & Business

Tip of the Day is back: Property Law in Scotland

After almost three months of summer holiday, Tip of the Day is back to support students with useful advice on how to use the library’s resources. Our tips cover all areas of the library service: from how to use the MFDs, to complicated database inquiries. Keep an eye on our blog or Follow us today to stay informed! (To follow, click on the Follow pop-up at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to enter your email address.)

Did you know that Kenneth Reid’s ‘The Law of Property in Scotland’ (Law Heavy Demand, shelf mark: 346.41104 Rei) can also be found in Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia? It’s in part I of volume 18 (Property).  You can find this valuable resource on floor one of the Taylor Library, just before the series of law reports.

Property Law imageStair cropped

The Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia is also available online in the Lexis®Library database.   Use Primo to find and link out to this database. Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia can easily be added to ‘My Bookshelf by clicking on ‘Edit source list’.

Lexis start

Click to enlarge

You can Browse the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia by subject e.g. Property – Part I: General Law (Volume 18), or use the Search option to do a Classic Search or a search by Natural Language within the resource.

Lexis screenshots

Click to enlarge

If you have any questions about Heavy Demand items or either format of the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia please come and see us in Taylor Library.

Taylor Library Team

Legal databases

Are you just beginning your legal research and getting lost in the rising sea of information? Or just need some inspiration?

Check out what the law electronic databases can offer to you. These are excellent tools, and no matter what stage your studies are at, you can rely heavily on them.
Please find all the mainstream legal databases and their training materials here:

Westlaw UK   Westlaw logo

Westlaw International

Lexis®Library  LexisNexis logo

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Taylor Library

New Tip of the Day Service

TipWe are delighted to introduce a new service to help you make the most of the resources and services at Taylor Library. The ‘Tip of the Day’ service will be launched before the start of the next exam period.

From the middle of April, we will deliver useful tips to you regarding:

  • Library services
  • Legal databases
  • Other online resources (e-books, e-journals)
  • Official publications
  • Technical support
  • And much, much more…

We hope you will find this daily service advantageous for your study and research.


Taylor Library& EDC Team