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IT problems

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IT Services has confirmed that due to essential maintenance, the Printanywhere service will be unavailable until further notice.

During this time, you will not be able to send documents to print from your personal devices using the Printanywhere service. Printing from a University classroom PC will not be affected.

You can still send documents to the printer from your devices using our WebPrint service. More information on this can be found here.

Remember, WebPrint is not suitable for printing law essays as it defaults to double sided printing and this cannot be changed. Please, use a classroom PC instead, and select Print One Sided option before sending your document to the MFD.

If you need further help, please get in touch with us.

Taylor Library Team



Taylor Library MFD update

MFDIT Services have analysed usage of MFDs in Taylor Library (and across campus) and have made a some of changes as a result of their findings. Now, the four MFDs opposite the issue desk are all black and white machines as they are by far the most heavily used. If you require colour printing, the MFD in the PC classroom on floor 2 provides this option. It has been replaced with a larger model in order to better cope with the level of use. Just make sure to select the colour printer when sending your job.

Tip of the Day: Printing single-sided


Printers are set to print double-sided but you can determine whether your document will be double or single-sided. This can be done before you send your document to print. (No changes can be made once it has been sent to the printer.) Read our post and find
out how!

Word documents

When you are ready to print:

  1. Open your document and click on the FILE tab at the top left hand side of
    the screen.
  2. Choose Print. This will bring up the printing menu.
  3. Make sure to choose BW-pull-pcl on class –, or COLOUR-pull-    pcl on class
  4. In Settings, click on the drop down arrow in Print on Both Sides to get the choice: Print  One Sided. Choose the desired option and then send off the work to print by clicking on ‘Print’.

(You also have options for defining the size, orientation and margins of your
document, as well as the number of pages per sheet.)

Print one-sided Word

PDF documents

If you are working on a network computer, BW or COLOUR-pull will be the default
printer destination.

  1. In a document that is saved as a PDF, click on File then Print.
  2. You will see the following pop-up window:

Print one-sided PDF2

3.  Untick the box next to Print on both sides of paper and hit Print.

If you are viewing an e-book and you wish to print a chapter from it, click on
View PDF to open the file and click on the printer icon. Depending on the browser,               you will see an options window like above or below:

Print one-sided PDF1

If you wish to print single-sided, untick the box next to Two-sided (in Options).

Please note that we have different copyright permissions with different
publishers regarding printing and downloading.

For information on how to set up your laptop to the wireless printing network,
click here. (Printing tab)

 Taylor Library Team


Print one item from your printing queue

Copying, printing and scanning is available in all libraries. Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) across the University allow you to print, scan and photocopy documents.

To send a job to the printer (MFD):

  1. open the document you wish to print and click on the FILE tab on the far left of the ribbon and
  2. choose Print to bring up the print menu.

Click Print

From the drop-down arrow, make sure to choose MFD-PULL-BW if you are printing in black and white, and MFD-PULL-COLOUR if you are printing in colour.

MFD choices

Click here to see printing charges.  The printer network allows you to send jobs from any classroom PC and retrieve them from any MFD printer on campus. You don’t have to necessarily print in the site where you sent the job from!

Retrieving the job(s) from the printer

In Taylor, there are 4 MFDs on floor 1, located opposite the Issue Desk. Once you have sent your document(s) for printing, login to the MFD by scanning your card on the reader. You can also tap the screen and enter your University username and password manually.  Tap the Pull Print icon. Your name and print credit will appear on the top left, just above the list of jobs you have sent for printing.

Print All
You can either ‘Print all’ from the top right, in which case the MFD will start printing all jobs in reverse order (the last one sent will be printed first),

Highlight and choose



or, you can highlight one at a time and choose ‘Print’.



You can use the same method to Delete or see information about individual print jobs. Just highlight and chose the desired action. Every time you print a title it disappears from your list. You can log off and come back to your printing later as jobs stay in the queue for four days.

When you are finished, go Back and Logout. Remember to top up your printing budget if you have more printing coming up! For more information on paying for printing click here.

Sending print jobs from your laptop and mobile device

  • Find information on how to configure your personal device to the printing network here. This is a one-time setting and you won’t have to repeat it every time you send jobs from your laptop!
  • Also see the guide about printing from a mobile device when working on the move. WebPrint allows you to send jobs from your phone or tablet and collect from a networked MFD/printer.

We also have a podcast on using the MFDs in Taylor. You will find it under the My Zone tab on the Library website.