New instructional video: Finding law e-journal articles through Primo

Needing to find an online journal article but unsure where to start?
Why not watch our short video on finding law e-journal articles through Primo…

You can find it under the Instructional Material tab in our blog, or online through our youtube channel.


More videos on how to use the Taylor Library resources and facilities to come soon!

Just keep checking the list of our Instructional Material and hopefully you will find the right video to help you make the most of our library!

If you have any questions about this or any of our videos, please email

Eleni Borompoka
Senior Information Assistant
Taylor Library and EDC



Video-style guide to Taylor Library published on YouTube

Staff here have been very busy recording a short introduction to the Taylor Library in preparation for the new academic year. So… if you are a prospective student, a new student, a visitor, or perhaps someone who wants to conjure up happy memories, you may want to take a look at our PowToon video and slideshow, or even sit back and listen to Ross’s dulcet tones.

Learn more about the Taylor Library and European Documentation Centre on our website.

Elaine Shallcross
Information Consultant, Law and Business

Improve your legal research skills with Westlaw UK elearning videos

Westlaw UK have introduced a series of elearning videos on using the database. Most are around 4 minutes long.

  • Welcome to Westlaw UK
  • Cases on Westlaw UK
  • Legislation on Westlaw UK
  • Annotated Statutes on Westlaw UK

Students can also sign up for Westlaw UK Certification Training Modules to help improve legal research skills. For more information see the Law Student website.

Elaine Shallcross