Help with your upcoming essays – OSCOLA examples

OSCOLA final

Although our campus is closed and many students have returned home, it does not mean that the university studies are over for the academic year. Online teaching and assessments are still ongoing, and students are busy with revisions, assignments, and essays.

This blog post will provide help to those who are preparing to submit essays and struggling with OSCOLA referencing style. Over the years, we have covered this topic many times, and frequently posted information on OSCOLA. Please see the list of areas, we have previously included:

  • Abbreviations commonly used in case names
  • Citing journal articles: the dilemma of round or square brackets
  • Citing newspaper articles
  • Citing hard copy journal articles
  • Subsequent citation of a case
  • Table of cases (EU cases)
  • Tables and lists
  • Bibliographies
  • Law essays and dissertations citing resources with OSCOLA.

Please follow this link to see all our examples.

You may also find the following links to library guides and online resources helpful:

If you still have questions, please email us at:

Taylor Library Team





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