Taylor Library fax service removed

nofaxUnfortunately the Taylor Library can no longer provide a fax service. Our fax machine was becoming increasingly temperamental and so has now been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Taylor Library closing at 5pm today

snowed studentTaylor library will be closing at 5pm this evening due to adverse weather conditions affecting staff travelling from outwith the city. The Sir Duncan Rice Library and the Medical Library will close at their usual Friday times of 10pm and 8pm respectively.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Working with Word 2013: numbering pages differently in different sections

Legal Information Update

Inserting Roman numerals into the first section of your document and Arabic numerals into subsequent ones.

To make this work you need to split your document into two different sections, otherwise Word will apply one sequence of page numbers to the entire document. The process involves opening up the Header & Footer menu. This is where you normally go to add page numbers to your document.

  • Place your cursor right at the start of the second section (or the section with the main body of your text).
  • Go to PAGE LAYOUT and in the Page Setup menu, click on the drop down arrow for Breaks. Choose Next Page. starting-pic

If you want to see how this looks ‘behind the scenes’ click on the HOME tab at the start of the ribbon and click on the paragraph sign  under the Paragraph menu.

  • The document is now divided into…

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